Ozark Powerhouse Turbine Shaft Repair

Ozark, Arkansas


Project Details

Unit #4 Turbine shaft removal, repair, and reinstallation were successfully completed. The 250,000 lb. Runner Drive Shaft Flange was cut, machined, and reinstalled with precision. The drive shaft, measuring 150 ft. in length and weighing 150,000 lbs., underwent thorough refurbishment. The 10 ft. flange face was refaced (± .0001), and the bearings, along with other high tolerance, high load running parts, were expertly refurbished. The shaft runner and other running parts were then reinstalled, ensuring a total run out on the shaft and runner within tight tolerances (± .012). To ensure optimal performance, a 72-hour operational full load test and monitoring were conducted before owner acceptance. The project was completed on time and under budget, meeting all expectations.

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