Truman Intake Gantry Crane Replacement

Warsaw, Missouri


Project Details

BCI, a subcontractor hired by REEL COH, played a vital role in the project at Harry S. Truman Dam and Reservoir in Missouri. Their expertise involved the meticulous removal and replacement of the existing gantry crane. The old crane, with its 150-ton capacity and two trolleys, made way for a new and improved 85-ton crane with a single hoist. BCI’s comprehensive scope included the entire process from design and fabrication to installation and testing of the replacement crane and lifting beam. They even ensured the new crane’s impeccable performance by commissioning and load testing it at 100% and 125% capacity. As part of their commitment to excellence, BCI also took care of dismantling and disposing of the old crane, conducting a complete clean out of the rail drains, and conducting a thorough crane rail survey according to plans and specifications. BCI’s dedication to quality and efficiency shines through in their exceptional workmanship and unwavering attention to detail.

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