Sluice Gate Terminus and Pine Flat Dam

Fresno, California


Project Details

BCI Construction served as the primary contractor for this extensive project, which involved the blasting, repairing, and painting of 26 sluice gates and 13 gate conduits on Pine Flat Dam and Terminus Dam. The meticulous work was divided into two gallery levels: one situated 230 feet below the top of the dam while the other was even deeper at 400 feet below. To access the galleries, our team skillfully mobilized equipment through a shaft within the dam, navigating through a confined space via a single 18-inch manhole. With utmost precision, we performed abrasive blasting on the gates and conduit floor, walls, and ceiling. Additionally, we diligently repaired gate sealing surfaces and addressed pits in the gates and conduit walls. Finally, we applied a reliable cold-tar epoxy paint system, ensuring long-lasting protection.