Lake Shelbyville – Painting Tainter Gates

Shelbyville, Illinois


Project Details

BCI Construction served as the prime contractor for the Shelbyville Lake Dam project in Shelbyville, IL. The scope of the project involved conducting thorough inspections on existing welds using mag particle and ultrasonic techniques to determine the necessary repairs. Structural weld repairs were performed on gate arms, trunnion connections, stiffener ribs, and knee braces, adhering to D1.5 standards. Defective knee braces were removed and replaced, as were full penetration welds at the trunnion to arm connection points and trunnion arm to main girder connections. Stiffener ribs were also removed and replaced along the entire bottom of the gate. Furthermore, existing anodes were removed and new anodes were installed. The gate (1760sf) underwent complete media blasting and 5-E-Z painting, with full containment measures in place.