Bois Brule Pump Station



Project Details

Work involved the construction of two pump stations, encompassing various tasks such as concrete work, metal work, painting, metal building systems, wash down storage tanks, electrical work, engineering fabric, earthwork, stone protection, steel H-piles, vibration monitoring, guardrail, fencing, establishment of turf, mechanical equipment installation, government supplied pump installation, fuel storage system setup, discharge pipes, and related components.

This project, undertaken for the US Army Corps of Engineers St. Louis District, includes the building of a concrete pump station intake structure with a pre-engineered steel building positioned above. BCI will handle the installation of government supplied diesel pumps, new fuel storage tanks, and electrical pump station utility service and lighting. Excavation, H-pile and sheet pile installation, concrete work, mechanical installation, metal building construction, pump and fuel tank installation will be competently completed by BCI, while electrical work will be effectively handled by Weeke Sales and Service.

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