Blue Grass Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant SPB Truck Canopy and Gas Bottle Canopies

Richmond, Kentucky


Project Details

Designed, fabricated, and installed a truck canopy that enabled the simultaneous offloading of 2 chemical tanker trucks. The design incorporated complete structural steel, concrete foundation, and electrical components, adhering to customer and DOD standards. The truck canopy was made 28ft tall, 40ft wide, and 50ft long, providing optimal conditions for the unloading process. It included catwalks and access stairs that facilitated hose attachment by workers. Additionally, a 36″ deep reinforced foundation and truck runway with a trough and sump pit were incorporated. The design also included electrical lightning protection. Furthermore, we designed, fabricated, and installed 2 gas bottle canopies for secure storage of various gas bottle canisters. These canopies boasted structural steel framing, reinforced concrete foundations, security fencing, and electrical lightning protection.