Bankhead Wall Stabilization – Bankhead Hydro Plant

Northport, Alabama


Project Details

This project aimed to stabilize approximately 475 LF of rock wall, ranging from 220’ to 280’ in height. The goal was to protect workers and powerhouse assets from potential damage caused by falling rocks. To achieve this, the project involved the removal of vegetation, scaling of loose material, installation of rock anchors and cables, and the installation of 146,000 SQFT of 4mm Tecco Drape, creating a comprehensive stabilization system. The rock anchors were strategically installed at the top of the slope, reaching a depth of 20’. These anchors were then grouted with high strength grout, ensuring a secure anchorage system and providing reliable tie off points for workers who accessed the wall face using rope access methods. Additionally, temporary movable barrier walls were erected to safeguard powerhouse assets during vegetation removal and scaling. Once scaling was completed, 11’ wide rolls of 4 mm Tecco drape sections were carefully unrolled onto the wall face, overlapping each adjacent roll and secured using Tecco clips. These drape sections were then attached to the upper and lower rock anchor and cables, culminating in the creation of a fully functional stabilization system. The successful completion of this project took 60 days.