Project Description


Project Details

Refurbishment and upgrading of an existing 300-ton Gantry Crane to a 350-ton Gantry Crane at Wells Dam in Chelan WA.  BCI was contracted by REEL-COH.  REEL-COH is contracted by the Douglas County Public Utility for the fabrication and installation of the New Gantry Crane.

Project Highlights

  •  Removal of Existing 300-ton trolley
  • Installation of new 350-ton trolley which weighted 125,000 lbs
  • Removal of old operators cabs
  • Installation of new operators cab and structural support for cab
  • Removal of existing ladders and handrails
  • Installation of new platforms, staircase to access trolley and cab and new handrails
  • Installation of new storm brakes
  • Removal of exsting gantry drive motors and gear boxes
  • Installation of new gantry drive motors and gear boxes
  • Load Testing of cranes to 125% of 350-tons




Wells Dam, WA

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