Project Description

Truman Intake Gantry Crane Replacement

Project Details

BCI was the subcontractor for this project, hired by contractor, REEL COH.  The work includes the removal and replacement of the gantry crane at Harry S. Truman Dam and Reservoir near Warsaw, Missouri.  The existing gantry crane has a rated capacity of 150-tons with two trolleys; each with a single hoist.  The new crane will have a rated capacity of 85-tons with one trolley with a single hoist.  The work includes, but is not limited to; removal and disposal of the existing 150-ton capacity gantry crane, design, fabrication, installation, and testing of the replacement 85-ton capacity gantry crane and lifting beam.

  • Erection of the new crane
  • Reeving the hoist
  • Commissioning and load testing the new crane to 100% and 125% capacity
  • Dismantling and Disposal of the old crane
  • Complete clean out of the rail drains
  • Complete crane rail survey according to plans and specifications




Warsaw, Missouri

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