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The Dredge Depot Storage Warehouse located at 3077 Talleyrand Avenue Jacksonville, FL is 30,000 gsf. Renovating the storage warehouse to bring it into compliance with the current building codes.

A reliable water source from Talleyrand Avenue via the public utility will be provided for the fire protection and domestic water systems. The electrical distribution and lighting system and the fire protection system will be removed and replaced with a code compliant system. As part of the structural renovation, supplemental framing will augment the existing framing to bring the building into code compliance. The building metal wall panels, roof deck, windows, and doors have severely deteriorated and will be replaced. Renovation work is limited to half of the warehouse at one time. Lead-based paint can be expected on the building steel frame, wall girders, roof purlins, open storage shed, and loading dock steel.




Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida

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