Project Description

Headworks Intake Lifting Equipment Replacement

Project Details

BCI Construction is the prime contractor on this project.  This project on the Dale Hollow, Wolf Creek, and Center Hill Dams consists of headgate hoist machinery and controls replacement in Tennessee and Kentucky.


  • Remove all existing and install new 20 ton, 112 ton, and 250 ton head gate hoisting equipment to include: structural frames, hoist drums, sheaves, wire rope, gear reducers, brakes, motors, limit switches, position sensors, slack line indicators, and anti two block devices.
  • Perform load testing of all hoist assembly
  • Replace hoist covers with new watertight aluminum housings.
  • Replace head gate control panels and install new pendant operation controls.
  • Provide new head gate machinery lighting, replace head gate power feeders, and provide new wiring, conduits, and materials to wire new equipment.
  • Provide and install new grating and modify existing handrails.




Lancaster, TN

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