Pine Flat Dam and Terminus Dam Gate Repair

Fresno, CA


Project Details

At BCI Construction, we take pride in our expertise in handling even the most challenging projects. As the prime contractor on the Pine Flat Dam and Terminus Dam project, we successfully completed the blasting, repairing, and painting of 26 sluice gates and 13 gate conduits. Our skilled team accomplished all the necessary work on two different gallery levels, one 230′ below the top of the dam and the other 400′ below. Mobilizing our state-of-the-art equipment through a shaft in the dam, we tackled the project with precision and efficiency. Despite the confined space, accessed through a single 18″ manhole, we performed abrasive blasting on the gates and conduit floor, walls, and ceiling. Additionally, we diligently repaired gate sealing surfaces and pits in the gates and conduit walls. To ensure a durable finish, we applied a high-quality cold-tar epoxy paint system. Trust BCI Construction to deliver exceptional results, no matter the complexity of the project.