Penstock Repairs at Garrison Dam

Riverdale, ND


Project Details

BCI Construction, as the prime contractor, successfully undertook the challenging refurbishment and repainting project on the Garrison Dam in Riverdale, ND. With expert precision, they removed various components including picking beams, bulb seals, roller chains, and gate guides. The gates were pre-blasted for welding inspection, encompassing over 13,000 lf of welds. Following government directives, fillet and full pin welds were replaced accordingly. Additionally, picking beams were disassembled, inspected, and load tested to withstand up to 100 tons. The gate roller chains were skillfully refurbished, while new gate guides were installed. Through meticulous abrasive blasting and painting with the reliable Vinyl Paint system, the gates were polished to their former glory. To ensure continued operational efficiency, new seals were installed. Furthermore, a comprehensive gate guide survey was conducted using six cameras, ensuring the smooth engagement of gate guides and rails throughout the impressive 170′ gate travel.