Bolivar Dam

Tuscarawas River, Ohio


Project Details

For this project, we completed the installation of six Service Gates, including five new fabrications and one Government-furnished gate. In addition, we diligently rehabilitated the gates’ recesses by repairing, cleaning, and painting the liner, as well as addressing damaged concrete areas. We also refurbed the mechanical operating equipment, precisely rejuvenating the six Gate Hoists. This involved motor rehabilitation, installing new brakes, converting aluminum bronze bushings to greaseless bushings, and implementing new wire rope, wire rope sheaves, couplings, and non-destructive testing of existing gears. Furthermore, we performed electrical upgrades on the existing service entrance equipment, along with replacing all primary electrical distribution equipment in the intake structure. To ensure enhanced functionality, we also replaced all six gate motor controls, including push button stations, motor starters and controls, and gate position indicating equipment.

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