Barkley Overhead Crane

Barkley Dam, Kentucky


Project Details

BCI collaborated with Reel COH to refurbish the overhead bridge crane at the Barkley Power House in Barkley Lake, KY. The extensive project included the design, fabrication, and installation of new trolleys, as well as the replacement of the cab, controls, lights, control wiring, power wiring, bridge drive motor, gearbox, brake, and crane electrification system. Additionally, a thorough inspection and service were conducted on all remaining components and systems. Through acceptance and load testing, the crane successfully achieved recertification to its original 275-ton rating. BCI handled all mechanical and structural upgrades, while Weeke Sales and Service took care of the electrical and controls installation. Reel COH supplied the new trolleys and other essential electrical and mechanical components for on-site installation.

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